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1.- Price List

All prices in our product list are quoted with tax.
As a general rule 16% VAT will apply to EU member countries. All businesses belonging to the EU will be exempt from tax except those based in Spain. Sales to other countries are VAT free. However, the customs authorities in each country will levy their corresponding charges.

If you select to view prices on our web site in dollars or in sterling pounds, bear in mind that they are calculated according to the daily exchange rate with respect to the Euro. These prices will therefore fluctuate accordingly.

All prices may be revised and modified at any time.

2.- Forms of Payment Visa or MasterCard

We guarantee that every transaction carried out at is 100% safe. Each operation, which implies the transmission of personal information or bank details, is carried out within a safe environment. uses a secure server, which uses a protocol called SSL (Secure Socked Layer) to ensure the secure transfer of information via encryption.

In this way the credit card details are only known and handled by the bank, whereas the order and client details are known and handled only by the trader.

In an effort to provide greater security to credit card owners, we have now updated our web-site to include the latest security measures for on-line commerce developed by VISA and MASTERCARD. These are known as 3D Secure Code (Verified by VISA) and SPA/UCAF (Mastercard Secure Code). In this way, if you are a holder of a "Secure enabled" card, you will always be able to make a payment with a VISA or MASTERCARD on our web-site.

If your credit card cannot be enabled with this secure code, will only admit payment by VISA or MASTERCARD to long-standing customers.

In both cases, when making a VISA or MASTERCARD payment, customers will be asked to supply the following information: the credit card number, the expiry date and a validation code, which refers to the last 3 digits printed on the back of the credit card. In this way we are able to guarantee even greater security for on-line transactions.
What is Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code?
The main objective of this protocol is to offer greater security both to the Internet user and to the commercial on-line companies, by authenticating the buyer as the legitimate holder of the card being used for payment.

In practice, if you choose to make a payment with your "secure enabled" VISA or MASTERCARD, you will be asked to provide your credit card number and expiry date as before, and also a password for exclusive use when making on-line payments. This password will identify the customer, unequivocally, as the owner of the card. In this way, no one will be able to make an on-line payment without first having knowledge of the afore-mentioned password. If a "secure enabled" card is required to make payment the logos below will appear on the page asking for credit card details.

If you have not yet received a PIN or password for exclusive use when making on-line payments, we advise you to contact the financial institution who issued your card and request that this service be applied so that you can benefit from secure on-line purchases. This is possible either by contacting your bank or making an on-line request.

Some links are included below which will help you to find out whether your bank is affiliated to Verified By Visa or Mastercard Secure Code:

Latin America & the Caribbean
Asia Pacific

3.- Shipping Options and Delivery

S’ESCOPINYA. reserves the right to change the delivery method and transport company regardless of what is stated on this page and given that the changes would not in any way be detrimental to our customers.

Important: We are unable to accept a shipment to a PO BOX address.

4.- Guarantee

sescopinya. customers will benefit from the manufacturer`s guarantee.

Defects or imperfections due to the incorrect use or manipulation of goods, as well as the wear and tear produced by the normal use of a product, are not included in this guarantee.

Any decline in the function of a product, due to its design limitation, is also excluded from guarantee.

Our customer service department is always willing to help you and will put you.

5.- Refunds and exchanges

Our Customer Service Department includes an after-sales service, which is designed to help our clients solve any problems that may arise concerning our products or shipments. This department aims to offer a fast and efficient response to customer queries.

6.- Jurisdiction and Legislation

The present general conditions are governed by the current Spanish legislation concerning this material, (Spanish Law No 34/2002, 11th July relating to electronic commerce) and the latter will be applied to any situation, which has not been foreseen in this section.